Industries We Are Serving

List of Industries we are serving

IT Services

IT sector has been one of the most prominent ones when it comes to the adoption of background verification screening. This makes it extremely important for us to have the best screening solutions so that you can have the best-talented candidates in your team. The IT sector is also a well-organized industry where background verification deviation rates are below national averages as highlighted in our Annual Trend Report. However, the importance of background screening for the IT sector cannot be disabling either. Hence, we’ve come with plenty of screening solutions to ensure that only the best candidates make it to your team.

Financial Services

Info Quest providing best Background Screening services to financial industries. The people working in the financial services industry have their work cut out due to the responsibility they face in each and every part of their operations. The regulatory requirements have become more complex. The financial industry has been trouble with tighter internal controls, cost reduction and efficiency initiatives which have resulted in a high turnover rate. We understand that the people working under the financial services industry have to deal with highly sensitive data which requires full protection. This is where the employee background screening can be extremely critical.

Business Services

The business services industry has seen the fastest growth in more and more organizations are affecting the route of outsourcing resources and expertise. But still, there are major challenges on fore. There is a growing pressure from the industry leaders to keep up with the competition. One of the major challenges is the high employee turnover ratio in this industry. All business industries are looking for the best employees for a long period. Info Quest providing best background screening services to business industries to get the best team.

Health Care Services

Health Care services are important services in background screening. The fact that the turnover in hospitals has high numbers is not unseen but the high costs of hiring new talent pool cannot be discounted. This high turnover can have an adverse effect on hospital leadership. Hence, there is a need for employee background screening to ensure that the candidate selected is one of the best from the available pool.

Telecom Industry

Present in telecom industry more recruitments are going on. The 4G technology is and new customer growth is high in the country. To get the best services and more technology we have the best employees in our Industry. To ensure this problem Info Quest has the best screening services to find talented employees to fit in your industry. We are screening their education background, employment verification, criminal background, identity verification, and cv validation. This will help you to get the best candidates in your industry.

Manufacturing Industry

With focus remaining on new, high technology and sensitive areas of manufacturing like defense being opened up for private players, the Indian economy will see a new set of businesses prospering in the years to come. This will require background screening for manufacturing given the national security is involved. With the help of Info Quest background screening services, you can rest assured to select the best possible talent in the manufacturing industry and protect your intellectual property from internal fraud and theft by identifying prospective risk.