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Do you have a need to provide employment background screening and address screening to customers but do not have the expertise, experience, technology, or capability to become your own consumer reporting agency? Info Quest is the perfect solution. Info Quest provides you the ability to private label a world class screening platform that is 100% safe. We can manage compliance, invoicing, fulfillment on manual products, customer care, and even marketing for you. Partnering with Info Quest will not only provide you with an additional revenue source but a true, value added service for your customers.

Why became a Partner with Info Quest?

  • Generate additional revenue branch
  • Completely tech-enabled process- No need to travel
  • Get advantage of Info Quest brand & domain expertise
  • Enhance chance with your customers by helping them create a secure work place
  • Complete clarity with Real-time tracking.
  • We do all the work for clients referred by you while you get to earn better returns.
  • Partners can refer their clients on our platform Info Quest, track their progress and payment status and keep tab on received and pending incentives. The entire process is completely transparent.


Who can become a Partner?

Who are in the business of recruiting employees for corporate clients.

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How do I become a Partner with Info Quest?

To become Info Quest Partner, fill in the form below. You must meet the below criteria to enroll as a partner successfully.