Attestation from Home Department

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Attestation from Home Department

The home department is headed by a principal secretary. It is an interior ministry especially liable for the maintenance of internal security and domestic policy. For purposes of authentication of documents, the HRD ministry assigns the responsibility to the respective Home Departments of each state. Home department attestation process is mandatory for higher education purposes.

Some of the main purposes behind in acquiring a Home Department attestation are listed below.

  • Home Department attestation is required mainly for international job purposes
  • Migration purpose is another aim of this attestation
  • International students obtain this home country attestation for higher education purposes.

Home department attestation is a critical and initial step of certificates attestation. All the documents meant for attestation/apostille need to be attested by using the housing department.

Why Home Department attestation is needed?

  • For Indian consulate attestation, the home department of the state, where the document originated, its attestation must be obtained and is compulsory.
  • With the onset of globalization and increased outflow of Indian migrants, the HRD ministry of New Delhi delegated this responsibility to the respective Home Departments of each state.
  • Hence HRD attestation from New Delhi is no longer required but instead, Home Departments Attestation is required but the name still remains.
  • The procedure and time frame for Home Department Attestation varies from state to state.