Value Added Services
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Value Added Services

Make the most of your employees Choice One employee Group, Inc. can add flexibility to your workforce. Info Quest feels the most important service we can offer is to relieve our clients of the day-to-day headaches of employment issues. We do this by recruiting and screening prospective employees, sending the best candidates. Our best service gives you an employment partner you can rely on, and peace-of-mind that the job will be done right.

In addition to our normal recruiting services, The Info Quest offers a variety of value-added services to our clients. They include:

Choice One Employee Group utilizes state of the art skills and physiological testing to help in the selection of candidates with talents you need and the team mentality that will help your business excel. Want to know more information about our services, Give us a call today at +91-9951334272.
Choice One Employee Group conducts a pre-employment state criminal screening on each candidate that applies with us. Ensure your recruitment quality people to help grow your business with background screening, drug screenings, identity screening, criminal screening, drug testing, and Cv validation.
Each of our employees handles specific skill area so that they know of our employee’s skills and availability on an individual basis. This will help to get professional and talented employees.
Info Quest Employment services, Inc, guarantees the quality of our employees. We are passionate about maintaining a long-term relationship with each and every one of our client companies. Info Quest is more than willing to cooperate to solve problems so that we can enjoy a productive, long-term business relationship with each and every client.
Info Quest work across all industries and with companies of all sizes. We are serving financial industries, business services, Health services and so on.
We customize our background screening services to your company's screening needs.
Info Quest is dedicated to your success and views ourselves as an extension of your business. Info Quest wants you not only for a client but for you to be successful we’re here to help.
Accurate and good reports that are easy to understand. Report results are reviewed for accuracy and variation and identify for your attention.
We have a full complement of criminal screening, verifications, credit screening, and workers' compensation reports.
We are providing the best Background Screening services to our clients to find the right candidates for your workplace; your satisfaction is our success.
Information is updated on Info Quest systems as received, on a continuous basis, in real time. We are providing time to time updates this will help our clients to get more information about us.
Info Quest Client team is available 24 hours a day to answer phone calls, respond to client e-mails and provide updates on your account. Our client relations team works directly to provide answers to questions quickly, any time.