Apostille from MEA
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Apostille from MEA

Ministry of External Affairs is an expansion of MEA, it's for a central authority ministry functioning for preserving the diplomacy of the country. MEA ministry is headed by an elected minister and the government authority is the accountable authority of appointing the MEA minister. A certification furnished by means of the MEA ministry is referred to as MEA Attestation, which will boom the prominence of the certificates within the country. This Attestation is wanted at the finishing degree of the attestation manner.

MEA Attestation is a mandatory process which has to executed to make any certificate legal. Ministry Of External Affairs is a central authority agency who is liable for the overseas relations of India. Attestation from the ministry of external affairs is the very last step which has to be completed to prove the certificate to be actual. The candidate who plans to shift to any foreign for any motive needs to get this attestation executed for which he has to submit the unique and Xerox copies of the certificates, in the front of the involved authorities.

Why MEA attestation is needed?

  • To attain higher study
  • To get a resident visa
  • To migrate to another country
  • To obtain higher education
  • To start a business in abroad, etc.