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Global Database Check

What is Global Database Background Screening?

Global Database background screening verifies whether the candidate's name figures in any public/proprietary database of negative profiles including criminal databases, civil litigation databases, credit databases and acceptance of databases.

Info Quest has access to Indian and global databases. We check these to verify if candidates have any link to organized crime or have any case against them, have suspect reputation and compliance risks. Checks are carried in-house by Info Quest to ensure maximum data security and privacy. Our verification specialist matches the name from all these sources to screen the data.

Global Database Background Screening Services from Info Quest

Info Quest uses the latest technology to verify the public records of the person in question. With the help of our comprehensive global database screening process, you can expect high precision in results that can give you relevant information in a timely manner. Avail our Global database screening services today, and reap the benefits of getting comprehensive information pertaining to a candidate.

Info Quest has combined the best elements from our regional platforms to create the industry’s first truly global background screening resource Info Quest Global. This screening program is reliable and uniforms far and wide yet customized to reflect nearby business laws, societies, and languages.

Importance of Global Database Background Screening Services

  •  Global database background verifying a candidate’s experience. Shoemaker explained that many applicants have held that businesses may be less likely to confirm work experience and education in other countries than to conduct a domestic criminal background screening.
  •  Ensuring a consistent hiring experience for all job applicants. Not verifying candidate’s foreign experience creates an inconsistency in your hiring process and may lead to claims of unfair hiring practices.
  •  Global database background protecting against negligent hiring claims. Negligent hiring claims can arise when a worker causes harm to another individual and the employer cannot demonstrate that it exercised due care when evaluating that worker’s fitness for the job.
  •  This global database verification ensures that the candidate does not feature in any public/proprietary database of false profiles.
  •  Global database verification allows you to learn more about your employees and prospects, such as their cooperation with criminals, association with organizations, financial responsibility and charges, defaults and more.