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Education Verification

What is Education Background Screening?

An education background check is used to verify the Candidates for someone applying for a job. This Screening will verify the dates of attendance and whether or not the degree was obtained. Most of the companies will verify the degrees by the Admissions and Records office of the school or institution. More institutions use third-party companies to verify education, and may or may not charge a fee.

Education Background Screening Services from Info Quest

At Info Quest, we work closely with candidates and institutions to ensure all the necessary verification processes are carried out to complete satisfaction. They may or may not include the direct involvement of the candidate. Training programs are taken by a candidate and mentioned internships and certificate courses are also included in the screening test. Info Quest whole process is carried out in tandem with the company’s/ institution’s personnel’s recommendations as well as our personal expertise and experience in the field.

Info Quest Educational verification processes aimed at authenticating candidates’ education claims most of the times involve getting in direct touch with universities, college registrars and administrative authorities of the cited educational institutions. This protects that fake degrees, colleges, dates, and grades are unearthed. Info Quest directly contacts the related agencies or educational institutions to check for the veracity of the supplied candidature information.

Importance of Education Background Screening

  • Hiring the right candidate for the job can be a difficult task when most of all resumes contain fake details.
  • It is difficult to verify the information listed on a candidates’ resume. This will ensure that the candidate reaches the basic requirements for the position.
  • Verifying the education background screening of a candidate is important because if the candidate lied about their education on their resume, they might lack the fundamental skills necessary to perform tasks associated with the position.
  • Education background screening for employment purposes verifies the certification or educational claims of a job applicant.
  • Education background checks confirm the candidate’s type of degree or certificate, graduation date, attendance dates, and any graduating honors.
  • Education from primary, high school, college, university, technical school, or any other educational agency or institution can be verified.
  • Education from primary, high school, college, university, technical school, or any other educational agency or institution can be verified.
  • Your business should always verify the education of job applicants because it helps protect employers from negligent recruiting claims. Education is often the building block of a person’s success on the job and an education background search will confirm whether the candidate’s education claims are true.
  • Education background screening is a quick way for your company to determine if an applicant is a right choice for a position. With a majority of applicants willing to fake information on their resume, it is a risky choice for your business to not confirm a candidate’s education.