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Professional Verification

What is Professionals Background Screening?

Info Quest professional researchers will verify your candidates' credentials, including professional licenses, certifications or any other designation you'd like us to verify. Info Quest researchers validate your prospective job candidate's professional license or credential and check to see they are in good standing with any professional license or certification required for their particular job category.

Jobs that require specialized professional certificates for performing particular tasks need to undergo a professional screening to determine the authenticity of the professional accreditations. Through this employee background screening, you can evaluate the expertise of the candidate in the field by verifying the professional certificates from the certifying bodies.

Professionals Background Screening Services from Info Quest

With the help of Info Quest Professional screening services, you can protect yourself from professional certification fraud and quality issues by criminal employee qualifications. It even helps you to accept the training certificates provided by the candidate with the issuer. This would protect that you recruit the best professional talent available in the industry. Get a comprehensive professional screening done for your employees and protect yourself from criminal professional accreditations provided by candidates.

Importance of Professionals Background Screening Services

  • If they assume you won’t professional screening, some people may embellish or flat out lie on their resume. A professional screening is important in verifying facts presented on an application or in an interview. A background screening may not be enough.
  • You want to find out as much as you can about a possible employee’s work style and behaviors to judge whether they’ll be a good fit for your organization.
  • Asking a previous employer whether they would hire this employee again is a great way to gain valuable information. With the help of proper professional screening, it is possible for you to scrutinize the professional certificates of the candidates to avoid academic fraud.
  • Due to the increased competition, there is a need for an online mechanism through which it is possible to verify professional verification and identify verification. This is where Info Quest professional screening services can be extremely useful.
  • Professional screening helps you to scrutinize the professional licensing of the candidate and determine whether it is in good standing.
  • It is also helpful in evaluating the affiliations and memberships of the candidate. In all, a professional screening is a must when it comes to judging the professional certificates received by the candidate to perform well on the job.