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Identity Verification

What is Identity Background Screening?

Identity background screenings do not reveal any information regarding the applicant’s credit, financial history, or criminal history. The main point of this information is to check it against the information the candidate gave you to direct if they were being completely honest. If they are not, you may want to reconsider hiring them.

If there's one thing that any business needs to be certain of, it's that the candidate they are examined for a position is whom they claim to be. After all, if a candidate is false you as to his or her identity, they may well be false you in other ways. An identity screening is the foundation of any background screening, ensuring that the simplest and most big claim is verified. That the person you're selecting is the person you believe you're hiring.

Identity Background Screening Services from Info Quest

Info Quest Employment Screening provides identity services that allow for an initial review of where your candidates or employees have been in the past, and to verify the data submitted by the candidate. These reports give our clients peace of mind knowing Info Quest Employment Screening will complete a comprehensive search.

Employing its unique network, Info Quest screens and establishes the authenticity of a candidate’s identity through verification of any all Government-issued identity documents, submitted by the said candidate including the passport.

The client shares details of candidates which is in the form a soft/hard copy. An identity document is any document which may be used to verify characteristics of a person’s personal identity. Countries which do not have formal identity documents may require identity background screening using informal documents. The applicable identity documents in India include Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, and Driving License.

Importance of Identity Background Screening Services

  • When recruiting a new employee, trust is a crucial factor. To an employer, confidence in the capacities, expertise, and motivation of a new employee is important.
  • Being able to verify certain data is reassuring and offers a steady base for mutual trust. Resumes often contain false about having certain degrees, diplomas and work experience.
  • However, information about the identity or personal data can also be distorted. Screening the identity document is strongly advised.
  • Identity background screening is the foundation of any background check process. The primary purpose of an identity background screening is to verify the information the candidate gave you and to determine if they were sincere.
  • If not, you may want to reconsider hiring them. Some candidates may use a fake identity to hide their criminal record, their real educational qualifications, potentially dangerous or some criminal past.
  • Completing background screening based on false identity information could prevent you from receiving an accurate report on the candidate and rule out candidates with high professional productivity.
  • It is vitally important to check the identity of an employee as most criminal records are filed by name and date of birth and current or permanent address. There is a possibility that a candidate has committed some crime in the past and they have created a fake identity to hide their criminal history.