What is Info Quest?

Info Quest is an automated background screening system and individual risk evaluation platform that helps find facts and uncover lies. Info Quest is dedicated to protecting companies and their employees through extensive background screenings and drug testing services.

How do I do a background check? How do I get started?

We are providing a background screening verification to get talented employees in your organization. To get these services details please visit our site.

Why do background checks?

Background screening has become a matter of essential for many reasons. Many applicants make false claims on their job applications/resumes or have been involved in criminal activity which they do not reveal.

What are the benefits of Background Screening?

Background checks are important things to check the background history of their candidate during the recruitment process.

  • Higher Quality of Hires
  • Safer Environment
  • Lower Employee Turnover
  • Decreased Liability
  • Less Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Better Regulatory Compliance

How long does a background screening take to complete?

Results are collected from multiple sources and completed in one to three business days. The process may take longer because a few candidates and schools are hard to contact or slow to respond. Results from these sources are usually backed within a week.

What do employers look for in a background screening?

Most prospective employers are concerned about the difference between what the applicant claimed and what is reported by schools, prior employers, etc. Most also watch for false reports such as criminal history. It is wise for candidates to attempt to verify anything that is important to job performance, would impact the applicant’s job qualifications, or could impact the safety of the public, and customers.

Can anyone run a background check?

No. Because of the sensitive nature of the information gathered, background screening is restricted to those with a legally permissible purpose.

Can I run a background screening without telling the employee?

India laws require that an applicant is notified about a background screening. You should consult with a Lawyers for guidance in your specific situation.

How do I get results?

Most reports are available online. We can arrange alternative methods of getting your reports if you wish.

How soon can I get results?

You can track results as soon as they have been quality-checked for accuracy and completeness. Results usually begin to be available within a day or week based on requested background screening.

What can I do to advance my order?

The best thing you can do to set up your order is to fill out all documentation completely and legibly. Not only will this increase the speed with which results are received, but it will also help ensure that the most accurate results possible are gain. You can Chat or Call for further support

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Criminal Background Screening?

There are no true Criminal History Record repositories or databases. The available databases are compiled from a variety of sources and are incomplete and out of date. However, databases can be fast, powerful research tools that cover a larger land area. When we use a criminal screening as a research tool, we verify any database hits with the proper local power.

Does Info Quest maintain Criminal History, Employment History, or Education History Database?

No! The only consumer files we maintain are archived copies of recent background screening. No information from a prior background check is used in a subsequent background screening. Each report is collected separately from fresh research data.

Are you an ISO certified?

Yes, Info Quest is an India based ISO 9001:2015 Certified and one of the fastest growing employees screening company in India.