Privacy Policies

Privacy Policies

General Privacy Statement

Info Quest Screening Services is committed to safeguarding the privacy of the users of our website. Please read the policies to understand how Info Quest will treat your personal information as you use this site

Collective Information

Info Quest collects information about users of this site collectively, such as the pages users visit most frequently, the services users access the most, and the links to Info Quest partners that users most often visit. This information helps us decide what is most beneficial for our users, and how we can improve the services and features provided to the users of our site. We may share this collected information with our partners, but only in the collection, so that they too may understand how this site is used, in order to improve the services and features provided to you. All information given to us is kept personal and not sold or given away in any form. We do not sell our client’s email addresses.

Personal Information

Personal information that may be collected includes name, address, work designations, company names, e-mail address, and telephone numbers. Such information may be stored indefinitely and may be collected and processed in one or more databases maintained directly or indirectly by Info Quest.

In addition to identification, registration, authentication, and transaction processing, Info Quest may use that information for marketing purposes in order to make you aware of additional products and services which may be of attract to you, or to contact you regarding changes to and new offerings on our website, and special events and promotions. From time to time, Info Quest may also ask you for other information via surveys, such as information regarding your areas of interest, your likes and dislikes regarding the site, your career goals, services that offered on this website.

User Communications

In the event that you communicate any information, feedback, data, questions, comments, suggestions or other items to Info Quest, regarding Info Quest, this site and its content or the services offered on this site – any such communication shall be deemed not to be confidential and shall become the property of Info Quest. Info Quest shall be free to reproduce, use, disclose and distribute such communication to others, without limitation. Info Quest shall also have the unrestricted right to use any ideas, concepts, know-how, software, documentation, diagrams, drawings, schematics or techniques contained in your communication in any manner and for any purpose everything including, but not limited to, developing, making and marketing products or providing services.

User Submissions

In the event that you submit information to Info Quest in the form of audio, video, or photographs, whether submitted via the site or otherwise, such information may be published or distributed by Info Quest to third-party clients and will be searchable and viewable by such third-party clients of Info Quest. Info Quest uses its best efforts to grant access to this information only to such clients. However, Info Quest is not responsible or liable if some other third party evades security measures and gains access to such information. Info Quest will cease publishing, distributing or making available your information to third-party clients upon receipt of a written request from you. However, Info Quest clients that have access to such information may have retained a copy of the information in their own files or databases. Info Quest is not responsible for the retention, use or privacy of your information in such instances

Policy Changes

Info Quest policy regarding privacy may change from time to time so check periodically. If, at any point in time, you have questions or concerns about Info Quest privacy commitment, please feel free to contact us at