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Address Verification

What is Address Background Screening?

Address Background screening procedure for a prospective candidate is an important subset of the various verification steps, carried out as a part of employee screening services by Info Quest. This protects that the person has given out his/ her current as well as permanent residential address correctly, completely and honestly. Residential addresses confirmations help vastly, during criminal record searches and start credit reports. Relaying authentic information pertaining to address/s is a must, as someone who cannot or does not reveal this sort of basic information about himself or herself correctly/ honestly should not, obviously, be trusted.

There are many other possible plans and occasions, when an organization may need an employee’s personal address and credentials. Address verification, thus, is an important indicator that helps companies reduce the chances of misunderstandings, frauds, and misinformation.

Address Background Screening Services from Info Quest

Address Verification is a more important step in employee screening. Traces previous addresses for the candidate. Discovering where an applicant has lived will make it simpler to confirm other research, and may uncover locales where criminal individual verifications ought to be performed. Private Address Verification is done through a database check. Our field staff visits the current/perpetual/past or every one of the addresses of the applicants as asked for by the manager.

Verification of home phone numbers, credit card billing addresses, locality and neighbor checks, and important documents screening may or may not be a part of a standard Address verification process. Info Quest carries out these checks, as per the client requirements.

Importance of Address Background Screening Services

  • It is important to know the location of a person in order to have full confidence in his/her credentials.
  • For carrying out the relationship with the employees in the pre-hiring and post-termination phases. This is used for sending out offer letters, application forms, or final settlement documents and dues.
  • Helping law administration authorities in case of any criminal acts by employees. An address background screening supports the police in moving ahead with investigations.
  • Address Background screening is conducted through a field officer’s visit to the mentioned address. The field officer verifies the address details, the residence of stay, the ownership status and details of other members residing there. If in case the door is locked, the officer goes ahead and verifies the details from people residing in the neighborhood.
  • The cost of such a check will typically depend upon the distance and accessibility of the location. This address verification screening may not be feasible in certain disturbed areas or may cost extremely high.