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Credit Check

What is Credit Background Screening?

Employee Credit background screening on job candidates may be valuable to many employers as they seek further insight into a prospective employee as it relates to their ability to perform for the post to which they are being examined. Where lawfully permissible, employers hiring for a financial position, or a job where the employee may be responsible for handling financial assets, directing the course of the business or who have access to sensitive information, may want to request an employee credit background screening.

Credit Background Screening Services from Info Quest

If you are planning to hire a candidate to look after the finance or accounts of the company it might be a good idea to carry out a credit background screening before finalizing him/her.

Info Quest follows due effort in checking the credit history and status of an applicant based on their information with the appropriate credit scoring agency. Get the agreement of the applicant for checking their credit file. Prepare the credit background screening report based on the scores and details obtained from the credit file.

Through a credit history file, you can get a fair idea of the financial responsibility and stability of the candidate. Info Quest will provide you with relevant information regarding the credit history of the candidate, which will help you, make the wise decision of selecting a candidate for the crucial position in your organization. Get our credit background screening services today and select the best employee.

Importance of Credit Background Screening Services

  • More and more employers are conducting background screening on their employees. This has seen an important increase in the past few years.
  • Candidates want to know that their employees are capable of balancing their personal finances and their job responsibilities. It is the opinion of some employers that those with a false credit history may be a warning of fraud or theft that can damage their company.
  • Credit background screening is very important in a background check because it can potentially cost employees jobs. Background checks can provide employers with information about credit history, criminal records, driving record, and work history. Poor credit can discourage candidates from hiring highly qualified candidates.
  • It is a good idea to disclose credit background screening issues before the candidate conducts the background check. Not all employers may hold false credit against an applicant.
  • It may be possible to draw the candidate’s attention away from the false credit history and focus on the job qualifications that the applicant has. Disclosing the information up front may let the employer know that the candidate is honest and dignitary of employment.