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Info Quest is dedicated to protecting companies and their employees through extensive background screenings and drug testing services. Info Quest combines experience; advanced technology and unparalleled customer service to ensure that an employer’s screening services are fast, affordable and effective. Info Quest providing a wide range of solutions that help our clients reduce turnover, limit liability and solve problems all while improving their bottom line. In addition to its core employee screening services, Info Quest has evolved into a full-service human resources and risk management solutions provider.

Info Quest Background Checks Pvt Ltd is a best Back Ground Screening company in Hyderabad. It is an India based ISO and Nasscom Certified and one of the fastest growing employees screening company in India. We are providing our Best services and now we have come up with the entire Background Verification System which includes profile verification of the employee’s to establish trust and create a safe and secure work Environment for our clients and to reduce the risk of hiring employees with Problematic Background.

Candidate’s need much more than just raw data to operate a successful employment screening program. We are one of the world's largest providers of employee background screening services, Info Quest specializes in helping organizations of all sizes and locations efficiently implement, manage and control their background screening programs.

Info Quest prides us on working with a wide variety of organizational types and sizes that exist in today's global business environment. By providing easy-to-use, streamlined solutions, we can help solve even the toughest background screening problems and help company work smarter. In fact, many of India’s most forward-thinking and successful companies trust Info Quest to deliver effectively, customer-focused solutions that provide increased efficiency and faster turnaround. And we are on the candidate’s side as well, helping them get a recruit.

We simplify the background screening process, making it easy for candidates to submit the requested information. We offer a dedicated candidate care team to facilitate communication and transparency, providing much-needed peace of mind to the job applicant.

Our Values

  • Conducting business with honesty and moral values
  • Providing the highest quality Background Screening services
  • Enhance timely and correct information
  • Maintaining a supportable environment
  • Building a positive and professional team
  • Encouraging growth and learning
  • Creating client value
  • Providing a safe workplace for employees
  • We are providing full support to our clients in a screening process
Verify details
Pre-employment screening can likewise confirm training, qualifications, certification, licenses, and other criteria that might be prerequisites for the vacant position.
Minimize risk
A terrible contract may harm an association's notoriety. What's more, contracting a candidate with an earlier criminal record showing a background marked by savagery risks the wellbeing of clients, and anybody he or she interacts with.
Creative Strategy
We have the best strategy for employee screening ensures employees have the functional ability to perform the inherent requirements of their role.

What We Do!

Education Verification

and Retina Ready


Our Assurance

Info Quest understands the insight of conducting background screening. We are here to help you recruit right candidate without unnecessarily harm anyone’s career.


We are screening the employee nature and behavior in this process. We have the processes, screening, and balances in place to assure the validity and honesty of the results. Each false result is verified and re-verified to assure you of its honesty by the time it reaches you.


We have the responsibility of providing our clients, timely and consistent status updates on all checks ordered. We are also having a responsibility of providing quickest turnaround times possible in the company, consistently and reliably so.


We have the best to the team to find the correct employee and honest employee to your organization. Complete confidence and data privacy are assured right through the service delivery by means of a secure app and a back-end database.