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Drug Test

What is Drug Test Background Screening?

Background screening is an extensive look into a potential employee’s past experience and choices. It includes a criminal history search at the county, statewide and federal levels as well as an employment and education verification. Candidates can also choose to add on extra searches, such as a credit check, a social media search or a drug test.

Info Quest has put a lot of thought into how we provide your employment screening, including drug screening. Our industry-leading online report ordering and retrieval system offers a single-source background screening and drug testing background screening. Info Quest considers the substance abuse testing provider which we have terms of turnaround time, compliance, quality assurance, and technological capability. The job is yours, depending on the results of a background screening and drug test background screening. This is used for frightening to most applicants, whether they use recreational drugs or not when a great job is on the line.

Drug Test Background Screening Services from Info Quest

Info Quest helps you screen potential hires and/or your employees for possible drug and alcohol abuse. Designed to meet integrated command, regulations and or specific company policies and requirements, our Candidate Drug screening services are convenient and expansive, offering lab-based and instant drug testing, via a vast collection network. With drug background screening options that match your needs, location, and costs, we ensure your workplaces are safe, drug-free and healthy.

Info Quest main aim is to have safer workplaces and safer employees. A drug-free workplace can improve workplace safety and minimize injuries, minimize costs posed by the misuse of alcohol and drugs in the workplace, increase productivity and deter employees from engaging in the use of these substances at work.

Importance of a Drug Test Background Screening Services

  • Drug testing background significantly lowers the risk of workplace accidents. When you have candidates who are drug-free, you can trust them with attention to detail.
  • When your company is free of drug use, you know that your staff is safer from injury or harm to others. An employee who uses drugs could cause your company thousands of dollars with missed details that could cause lawsuits and workers compensation costs.
  • For more information on the countless benefits pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, and other employment drug testing procedures, please contacts Employment Screening Services today!
  • Drug testing is the main part of the hiring procedure and routine upkeep of owning an organization for some reasons. It's turned out to be the best preventive measure in guaranteeing the security of your working environment.
  • Employee drug use builds the danger of a mischance; along these lines giving it your best shot to ensure it isn't occurring in your organization is pivotal.