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Background Verification Services

Info Quest Background Verification
Services – Synonym for your background verification requirements.   

How We Work

3 Steps To Make Business Successful



We strategically analyzes the raw data through our creative and customized methods and processes that help us attain utmost customer satisfaction.



The analyzed data is further executed by our expert and dedicated team through our background verification mechanism with robust technology to generate 100% accurate report.



We deliver 100% accurate and reliable report with quick turnaround time. Our customer receives relevant and accurate information to take the best decision before on-boarding any employee.

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Are you on a lookout for the right employee?

Partnering with the right background verification company helps you to have that right pool of human capital. Partnering right becomes mandatory because it helps your investment right and the best.

Info Quest is your right choice for any background check service. This is because we provide background checks on individuals for all kinds of organization, from a start-up to large MNCs.

We differentiate ourselves with,

  • Robust technology
  • Excellent, dedicated and experienced background verification experts.
  • User-friendly, reliable, flexible background verification solution that caters all your background verification requirements.
  • Anytime access to SMEs
  • Our imperative pre-employment screening helps you avoid any potential risks.
  • Provides 100% accurate report.



Education Verification

Screening and validating each and every information of the candidate in regard to the education. This helps to ensure that the information provided in the resume or application is accurate and truthful.

Employment Verification

Employment verification service authenticate the relevance of the past employment experience provided by the candidate. We screen the past employers listed in the resume by the candidate.

Address Verification

Address verification service helps to get complete confidence of the employee credentials. This is an important checkpoint in the verification process. This provides the authenticity of the permanent and temporary address provided by the on-boarding employee.

Identity Verification

Identity Verification is one of the inevitable verification in the entire background screening. Prior to pre-employment background investigation, it is vital to know the applicant's identity. This one helps you in that process.

Global Database Check

Global Database screening process verifies if the candidate is involved in any fraudulent or criminal activities globally, apart from country specific verification. This is ideal and keep you from any breach that may occur in your recruitment process.

Criminal Verification

Criminal background is critical in any background verification process. This pre-employment check ensures safe working environment for the entire organization.


What Do Our Clients Say About Us

Excellent customer service and their service has made our job much easier in our employee on-boarding service.
Ritesh Kumar
Cost effective and excellent response from the team.
Hema Pandey
A very well job done with much quick turnaround time.
Pruthvi Raj
Easy and effective process, enabling the entire background verification process easy and time saving.
Jacob Roberts
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